Vectra Bank Branch

Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Vectra Bank operates 39 locations across Colorado and Farmington, New Mexico.  The Wheat Ridge branch serves a community mid-way between Denver and Golden, Colorado to the west.  The building is a ground up replacement of a branch across the parking lot and provides more space for customers and staff.  The total space is 4,800-sf over two stories.

CSHQA employed key branding elements important to Vectra Bank.  A rust colored ‘fin’ appears as a partial wall projecting outward and upward from the building.  It tilts slightly outward from its base, implying a subtle ‘V’.  the building and canopy materials harmonize with light gray, charcoal and rust colors.  Natural in a way, yet strong.  The drive through canopy includes a ‘V’ shaped steel support column, tapered girder system and rust-colored metal panels to provide a dramatic building presence. Black anodized aluminum windows, light grey stucco and charcoal-colored masonry continue the modern aesthetic.

The second floor includes perimeter offices with interior open offices, a conference room and breakroom.  Natural or ‘borrowed’ light comes into the interior through glass walls between offices and open space.

Other elements include a drive-through with night drop box, ATM, transaction window and pneumatic tube system.  Inside are the safe deposit box and money vaults.  For efficient heating and cooling across the full spectrum of four seasons a variable refrigerant flow system was selected and many of the interior light fixtures are LED for greatly reduced energy use.

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