Better healthcare design leads to better care.

Healthcare buildings have to perform when you need them most — every feature is calibrated to help patients feel comfortable, help staff move efficiently, and help practitioners function at the highest levels. CSHQA’s healthcare designs include incredible attention to detail, from easy-to-navigate corridors and wayfinding to functional, portable equipment.

Ever-Ready Department Design

The Saint Alphonsus Emergency Department in Boise is always a hub of activity, featuring 35 private patient care spaces and a steady stream of patients, staff, and medical practitioners. And if there’s one part of a hospital that can never take a day off, it’s the emergency department. Saint Alphonsus came to CSHQA with an incredible challenge: Expand and redesign the entire department with no downtime.

The resulting is a friendly environment for everyone, including senior citizens and people with mental health issues. CSHQA built six temporary exam rooms while creating new standard exam rooms, rapid exam rooms, triage areas, level 2 trauma bays, and more.

Made for Patients

The Mulvaney Medical Office Building, also part of Saint Alphonsus, provides patient-centered medical care. Our work on the 10,900-sf Children’s Clinic was inspired by a modern attitude toward medical care that encourages open space, adaptability, and freedom of movement. CSHQA reimagined 23 exam rooms, a triage room, care spaces, and much more, while a local artist was commissioned to complement the clinic’s healing environment. The result is a welcoming space that helps children overcome their anxiety and inspires trust in adults.

We believe that better healthcare design leads to better care, and we welcome the opportunity to do our part for patients, providers, and the community.

Recent Healthcare Projects

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