Landscape Architecture

We are surrounded by the effects of development — in our neighborhoods, at the office, while shopping, or going for a bike ride. The quality of the spaces outside of the buildings is equally important as the quality of the spaces inside. Well-designed landscaped spaces can offer a quiet respite or energize an urban community. Landscape architecture provides a bridge between our indoor life, where most of us spend much of our time, and our human need to experience and connect with nature.

Sustainable Landscapes for Modern Living

Whatever the intended function, sustainability and low-water design are key considerations. Wide expanses of grass lawns are becoming a thing of the past and water will always be an issue. Low water, easily maintained plants are beautiful, diverse and functional. Even parks and playfields benefit from advances in plant sciences and maintenance techniques.

Creating Spaces Where Humans and Nature Meet

CSHQA landscape architects create unique, living spaces and outdoor environments for people to use and enjoy, including playgrounds, sports fields, parks (including dog parks), and gardens. Projects that integrate with the built environment include urban plazas, streetscapes, rooftop and healing gardens, and landscapes for public and commercial buildings of all types.

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