Restaurants and hotels are a vibrant piece of what makes a city memorable — they’re an introduction to community culture for out-of-town guests and the place where locals celebrate milestones or simply enjoy an evening out. We partner with all types of hospitality and restaurant clients, from big, landmark eateries to boutique hotels.

Of course, a great hospitality experience begins with the back of the house: The more efficient the design, the more seamless the experience is for customers.  Our team works closely with owners, managers, kitchen planners and maintenance staff to create efficient, functional support spaces.

Setting the Scene
Lucky Fins in downtown Boise combines family appeal with a lively bar — not a small feat. The design appeals to both groups by creating distinct environments throughout the 3,600 sf space, including the adult-geared bar area, an indoor-outdoor patio, and the welcoming dining room. Clever interior design elements such as a transparent water wall and the careful use of neon create a visually seamless experience.

The Next Generation of Hotel Dining
Chandler’s Steakhouse, located in Boise’s Hotel 43, harkens back to the days when going to a hotel restaurant was an event. CSHQA transformed a nondescript pool and patio space into an intimate setting for fine dining, from the neon-lit bar area to the luxurious booths.

Our work includes designs for large chains such as the Holiday Inn and America’s Best, plus unique boutiques such as the Inn at 500, currently under construction.  Our projects are tied together by a focus on creating unique customer experiences.


Design Leaders

Craig A. Slocum, AIA, NCARB
Jim Marsh, AIA