Jason Brunson, PE

Senior Electrical Engineer / Board of Directors

Jason Brunson could have been an electrician like his grandfather, his father, and his two uncles. But, as he says, he doesn’t like being shocked.

He’s still involved with electricity, but at a different level. As a Senior Electrical Engineer, Jason designs power and lighting for industrial, commercial, retail, and other clients. He specializes in short-circuit designs, coordination, and arc flash studies.

Jason worked on a $1 million electrical power and data and communications infrastructure upgrade at a laboratory that required an amazing amount of detailed work. He and his team worked tirelessly to deliver a design that was spot on with less than 0.3% change orders and minimized downtime for technicians and scientists who used the lab for research projects.

When he’s not designing, Jason spends time with the most important people in his life: His family.

BS, Electrical Engineering, University of Idaho

Licenses and Certifications
Licensed Professional Engineer: AR, CA, CO, ID, UT, VA, WA
National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, Model Law Engineer (NCEES MLE)

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