Who We Are

Working at CSHQA is more than a job

Our culture is responsive, collaborative, and supportive. We are passionate about creativity and design, and we are committed to teamwork and helping every employee grow and achieve his or her goals.

Our leadership fosters this culture by creating an environment of success and engaging all levels of experience in project development and execution. AITs, EITs, support staff and senior management work side by side in design studios focused on one or more practice areas.

What our employees are saying

“Your potential at CSHQA is limited only by yourself.”


“Work-life balance is important. We are serious … and we’re serious about fun, too!”

“When I told people I was interviewing, they said ‘CSHQA is good people.’ Every one of them.”

“I have opportunity here … and the tools and support to reach my goals.”

“We work with fun people on challenging projects.”

“Don’t forget the many ways we give back. It’s important.”

“No prima donnas here … we collaborate, innovate and elevate.”

Exciting Times of Growth

The CSHQA mindset is more open and transparent than ever before. Our leadership is younger—yet experienced—and our diversity is stronger than ever. A spirit of excitement and reinvention fuels our planning, both immediate and long term.

We also share a commitment to giving back, whether through civic and professional leadership and annual fund raising events, competing for local bike friendly kudos, or constructing an incredibly fun indoor tunnel made entirely out of clear packing tape!

In 2018, CSHQA became 100%Employee Owned.

Our core values

Our core values don’t just guide how we work with our clients. They also guide how we work with our fellow employee owners.

  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Knowledge

Questions, What can we help with?


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