Modular Design

Highly Customizable, Increased Speed to Market Design

CSHQA has been at the forefront of design practices for over 130 years. Our designers are passionate about creating high-quality, sustainable, and functional spaces that exceed the needs of our clients. When CSHQA decided to expand our services to offer modular design, we saw an opportunity to create collaborative and modern spaces that incorporate sustainability, increase the speed to market, and reduce labor costs. The benefits of modular building design allow the architects at CSHQA to collaborate with our client and provide a customized solution that fits their unique needs while possibly cutting construction time.

Modular Design Project Expertise

CSHQA has used modular design for a variety of spaces including:

  • COVID labs
  • Stand-alone retail boxes
  • Restaurants/bars
  • Private residences
  • Container parks
  • Hotels
  • Apartments, Affordable and Workforce Housing
  • Unmanned convenience stores
  • Office buildings

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