Pioneer Federal Credit Union—State Street

Boise, Idaho

For this new 2,500 sf ground-up branch bank Pioneer Federal Credit Union wanted to challenge the preconceived idea of a banking institution.  The client’s objectives were to create a space that was open, visually communicated the company brand, and allowed multiple customer-types to use the space in a variety of ways.  A different experience that spoke of ‘community’ rather than ‘financial institution’ was the goal. The architecture is round and approachable, rather than square and cornered.  Barriers to service counters were removed and the typical customer interaction was re-imagined. Customers are greeted in the lobby rather than standing in line.  They can have a cup of coffee and wait in the lounge until a teller is able to assist them.  Creativity reinforces the company brand. The final design has a positive impact to both public and staff.  New technologies, such as Video Teller/Personal Teller Machines (PTMs), were highlighted as a main feature when you walk into the space.  Private offices are open, and employees are visible.

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