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People Who Listen – Design That Speaks.

At CSHQA, we put our clients first. We are passionate about understanding your unique vision, challenges, and situation so that we can provide custom design solutions that meet your needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to working with you to bring the best version of your ideas to life. We offer a wide range of services across various industries. But it’s more than just what we do that makes CSHQA the right choice for your project, it’s how we do it.

We listen. We are your guide to reaching your goals, and we like to start with understanding the ‘Why.’

We build relationships of trust. We begin, and end, with the expectation of doing the right thing. Within the firm, with vendors and peers, and with clients.

We engage in active collaboration. Every client is treated as a partner. Whether through a design charrette, informal conversation, or written program, we value the sharing of ideas to enrich the creative process.

We bring valuable expertise. We offer what we know to guide you toward better concepts, stronger design, or more efficient systems.

We are committed to your satisfaction. A quality building is not mass produced. It’s hard work. It is a mutual investment of time and energy between client and design firm. We strive to ensure that our time working together is smooth, enjoyable, and leaves you with a space that’s better than you imagined.

We offer integrated services. Having a team made up of several different kinds of architects and engineers means that we can offer clients everything they need from one place. Internal communication is strong, and your project goes more smoothly because we’ve been working together as one team over many successful years.

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