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People Who Listen – Design That Speaks.

The words may be ordinary, but the living dynamic they represent is extraordinary. We have a great responsibility to not only understand, but to live our clients’ goals and help them achieve their vision.

We build relationships of trust. We begin, and end, with the expectation of doing the right thing. Within the firm, with vendors and peers, with clients. Some clients become repeat clients, but every client is treated as a partner.

We apply the power of listening. We are your guide to reach your goals. We listen for nuance and capture priorities. Whether through a design charrette, informal conversation, or written program, we set a strong and vibrant foundation that is ready to support whatever the imagination holds.

We engage in active collaboration. We seek clients who like to share information, make decisions, are willing to give and take, and who want to have some fun along the way! When we have the right people at the table, the creative process expands and ideas flow naturally.

We are your interpreter and advocate. We stand up for you so your ideas will be heard. We push you toward better concepts, stronger design, or more efficient systems. We love complex projects! A puzzle that momentarily stumps everyone is our favorite. It means we get to begin at the beginning and apply our skills as translators: from your words and ideas to your finished project.

We challenge conventional thinking. A quality building is not mass produced. It’s hard work. It is a mutual investment of time and energy between client and design firm. Against the beige wall of good-enough, status quo, commodification, and safe mediocrity, we campaign for purpose and beauty. We share the best ideas we can imagine, no holding back.

We walk the talk. We have always been passionate about smart, sustainable design; today, we push the envelope through innovation and advanced technologies for higher-performing results. A great project takes some skin in the game—then gives it back many times.

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