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Our design work is open, transparent, and inviting — just like government should be.

Government buildings shouldn’t be bland, uninspiring spaces. Since CSHQA’s earliest days, when its founders designed Boise’s landmark Central Fire Station, we have designed attractive and sustainable civic structures that help make government more efficient and helpful.

Promoting Transparency through Better Government Buildings

For the Meridian Public Safety Training Facility, we spent time with the police officers and fire fighters who would use the building regularly, as well as members of the community they serve. Our 9.3-acre site master plan site blends into the community while making a statement of its own. Our design increased public safety officers’ work day efficiency while providing much needed top-of-the-line training spaces, including classrooms, physical training spaces and electronic simulation rooms for fire and law enforcement training.

The Idaho Statehouse: A Gem for the Gem State

CSHQA spent 10+ years planning, programming and renovating Idaho’s century-old Statehouse. Today it provides a 21st century working space, with ADA compliant access, advanced communications technologies and more places for the public to interact with their political leaders. The renovation and expansion of the Idaho Statehouse included painstaking attention to beauty and detail.  The result is an open, accessible space that will serve Idahoans for many future generations.

We believe that spaces that work for both the public and the employees who spend time in them every day contribute to better government. Our work is open, transparent, and inviting — just like government should be.

Recent Civic / Government Projects

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