Camree Kunze

AIT Intern

Camree Kunze has always loved space planning and discovering how it is done in many types and ages of buildings. Amazing mentors helped inspire her to pursue architecture and push her to do her best and accept nothing less than that. As an AIT Intern, she continues to learn and grow as she supports the team on a variety of projects. She finds multi-family housing and residential projects most interesting as they impact the user’s home life/lifestyle the most.

Camree strives to produce high-quality work she can be proud of. “Nothing feels better than knowing you gave a project your all to make it most successful for the client and the building users.” She recently won a Crimson SURCA award in research at WSU for her work on a hypothetical pediatric health care project.

Camree is interested in a good story. She loves to read fiction books and find the best new and old movies around. Ice cream is also a hobby, you can count on her to find the best local ice cream shop in any city. She is also a fantastic gift giver and loves showing others she cares.

MArch, Washington State University (pursuing)
BS, Architectural Studies, Fine Arts Minor, Washington State University
AAS, Wenatchee Valley College

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