Heather Giacomo was looking for a challenge after staying home with her children when they were young. Always a whiz at math and problem solving, Heather took an introduction to electrical engineering course and fell in love with resistors, soldering, and tinkering. Her new career was born.

She was part of a multidisciplinary team for her capstone project at Montana State University and worked for an outside client—a rarity that exposed her to real-world demands and pressures. Now at CSHQA in Boise, Heather is gaining more experience as she builds her engineering career.

Heather loves traveling and gaining new experiences and has a soft spot for animals; she plans on volunteering at the animal shelter with her younger son.

Heather Giacomo

Electrical EIT III

BS Electrical Engineering, Minor in Optics and Photonics, Montana State University, 2016
BA History, California State University, 1996