What can good design do for a business? It can reinforce a brand, instill a sense of trust in customers, and make it easier for co-workers to collaborate and work smoothly with their customers. A business’ design reflects the way it conducts itself. CSHQA has helped businesses establish themselves as more modern and more open through thoughtful commercial and office design that works for both employees and customers.

Paving the Way to New Clients

When Pioneer Federal Credit Union wanted to create a new identity for its branch on Broadway Avenue in Boise, they called on CSHQA to help them appeal to a younger, more tech-savvy clientele. CSHQA’s interior designers worked with the credit union to identify client pain points like waiting in long lines or navigating the institution’s building. The resulting space feels less like a financial institution and more like an amenity, including a waiting lounge, private teller “pods,” vibrant colors, and bright custom light fixtures. A common errand is transformed into an experience.

Better Work through Office Design

Excellent communication is critical for hospitals like St. Luke’s in Boise. For the renovation of the three-story, 37,650-sf Falcon Administration Building, CSHQA needed to design an interior that would work for hospital executives, marketing professionals, and the legal and compliance departments. CSHQA created floor plans that worked for each group: An open, collaborative office space for marketing; private meeting rooms punctuated with break-out areas for legal; sit-to-stand desks and state-of-the-art desk components for everyone.

With every office or commercial building, CSHQA promotes the transparency that customers have come to expect from businesses while reinforcing brand values and service.

Recent Office Projects

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