Rogue Valley International Airport Terminal

Medford, Oregon

CSHQA provided comprehensive master-planning and architecture and engineering design services for Rogue Valley International–Medford Airport’s (MFR) Terminal Expansion Program. The 110,000 sf, $35 million passenger terminal includes airside apron, landside-access roadways, terminal curb front, parking areas, and the potential for future expansion in all programmed areas. Phased construction allowed existing facilities to remain fully operational during the project, maintaining a high level of passenger service and satisfied customers.

Precast concrete columns resemble the columnar basalt cliffs of the Rogue valley as the terminal rises from a foundation of solid, earthy materials and transforms to a light, open and transparent structure of modern high-tech materials as it reaches skyward. The extruded building form is directly related to the shape and volume of its internal spaces and enables the building to expand in the future.

Unique features of the building include a concession restaurant on the secure side of the checkpoint with a special serving window that allows the restaurant to serve food to people on the non-secure side. This is important in a smaller airport, because a single concessionaire can provide higher quality service and be more efficient with access to more customers.  Another unique feature is the outbound baggage system that delivers bags from the ticket counter to a separate, more economical pre-engineered metal building where bags are screened through a mini in-line EDS conveyor system using Reveal CT-80DR screening units.

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