Creating environments for learning, thriving and growing.

CSHQA designs beautiful, sustainable, and energy efficient schools that reflect your community’s values.

K-12 Educational Design Experience

CSHQA has been designing education facilities in the West since 1890, from one-room schools to 21st century, multi-program campuses. Regardless of changing programs and preferences, we are focused on creating educational spaces for learning, thriving, and growing.

Turning Your Vision into Reality

We listen! CSHQA brings stakeholders together to learn the needs of the District, students, educators, and community. Your design team will translate your vision and goals into workable scenarios and designs, enhanced by our expertise. Budgets are always tight, schedules are always short; we meet your budget and your schedule. Our design leaders each bring 20+ years of experience to ensure each project meets these challenges and leverages its unique opportunities.

Proven Functional Spaces

CSHQA designs K-12 spaces with a purpose. Numerous studies validate the importance of natural light and connection to nature. Flexible spaces promote collaboration and stimulate problem solving and retention. Technology-rich environments support individual learning and a wide range of learning modalities.

Recent K-12 Projects

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