Ahtanum Veterans Clinic

Union Gap, Washington
Photo Credit: © Kim Fetrow Photography

Built by the owner and leased to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), CSHQA designed this new ground-up structure for an outpatient medical clinic. The scope of work included the core, shell, and tenant improvement in a single construction package.

CSHQA and the VA partnered to design this community-based building to expand and improve upon the services the VA can provide. Having a space more centrally located in the community (not on the VA campus) was a big part of achieving that goal. Careful material selections ensured the building blends in with the existing neighborhood.

Twelve exam rooms were constructed, accompanied by three telehealth rooms, two consult rooms, a large procedure room, dividable conference room, and open space team areas and support spaces to meet a wide array of visitor and patient needs. This new space offers traditional primary care services, but also has the capacity and needed facilities to do so via telehealth and to offer social work services such as group therapy and minor surgery.

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