ISU-Meridian Health Science Center Physical & Occupational Therapy Expansion

Meridian, Idaho

This project is part of the expansion within the ISU Meridian Health Science Center (MHSC), located in Meridian, Idaho for the ISU Division of Health Sciences (DHS). ISU-Meridian currently houses three (3) clinics, Counseling, Dentistry, and Speech /Language, and the Idaho Center for Disabilities Evaluation (ICDE) which provides assessment services for the developmentally delayed children and adults in the western part of the state.

The scope of this project includes a significant tenant improvement of existing second floor shell area. This includes 24 offices and two (2) large teaching laboratories shared by the Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) programs. One of those laboratories is the Orthopedic Skills Lab for up to 40 students containing furniture, equipment and supplies consistent with PT and OT examination and practice, cabinet storage, and distance learning capabilities. The second laboratory is a Neuro-management/Daily Skills/Pediatric Lab for up to 40 students. This lab function required large and low mat tables, ambulatory aids, accessible mock-up kitchen, pediatric equipment, cabinet storage, and distance learning capabilities. In addition to the offices and labs, there is one (1) Distance Learning (DL) classroom for 40 students that are shared by OT and PT. Additionally, there is a Wellness Center, an ADA Testing Center, as well as a Student Study area and Coffee Bar that are part of this project.

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