Hoff Building: Buffington Mohr and McNeal TI

Boise, Idaho

An important part of this remodel and expansion was retaining the historical elements of the space and incorporating them creatively into the new design. This was accomplished by leaving the historic cast-in-place columns throughout and highlighting the art deco style of architecture that the Hoff Building is known for.

The design included a conversion of the original space, as well as an expansion that took over another half of the floor plate. This conversion and expansion incorporated 12 individual offices, a large conference room, an office-specific tech station, updated restrooms, and a new front desk area. To create the feeling of an open and inviting office space, while still giving each person an enclosed office, CSHQA incorporated large glass office walls that face the corridors, so each office is visually open to everyone.

Because BMM is in the finance sector, it was important to include interior elements that reflected their industry. The design incorporates visual elements such as a world map with time zones and strategically placed televisions that are used to broadcast financial news. The space also includes subtle hints of green throughout that reflects the BMM logo, as well as strategically placed wood soffits that add warmth and noise reduction in the reception and conference room areas.

CSHQA provided architectural, engineering, and interior design services. The Wright Brothers was the contractor, and Hendricks Commercial Properties owns the Hoff Building.

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Buffington, Mohr, and McNeal (BMM)



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