Treasure Valley Community College – Caldwell Center

Caldwell, Idaho

The Treasure Valley Community College at Caldwell Center is the first building in a planned revitalization of downtown Caldwell on a renewed section of the once covered Indian Creek.  It offers college prep, transfer and professional technical classes.  Two key design challenges included programming within a tight budget and a desire to achieve LEED Silver certification. [The project achieved Gold.]

The style and materials of the three-story, 39,000 sf college is modern, yet simple and conservative.  The building is designed to adapt to a number of uses and is very energy efficient.

Bold and dynamic primary entrances face the adjacent Indian Creek greenway, which serves as a connector to downtown Caldwell. These entrances are clearly delineated with sunshades and brick-paved patios. Further connections to the natural environment are established through extensive use of low-e glazing at lounges and lobbies where people gather to study and interact. Occupied spaces are arranged around central cores on each floor to maximize day-lighting and outside visibility.

Sustainable Design Notes—The $5.1 million facility includes:
Day-lit classrooms and labs, faculty offices, student services and retail tenant space
Energy efficient building envelope, HVAC and lighting systems
Water efficient fixtures
Durable, low-maintenance, low-emitting building materials
Healthy and productive workspace
Reduced energy consumption by 32% below code
Interior services included providing finishes that met durability requirements, strict maintenance procedures, and also blended with the aesthetic of the architecture.

Idaho Smart Growth—Grow Smart Award—Smart Growth & Green Building

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