The Five Fifties Mixed Use

West Sacramento, California

This sustainable co-living development focused on the benefits of a modern, urban, and social lifestyle for the Millennial age demographic. The development includes an integrated multi-modal transportation node for local car and bike share programs and features a water fountain in the courtyard that serves as an audible and visual focal point. This project successfully establishes a dynamic, modern, and sustainable plan crucial to strengthening the historic Washington District neighborhood character, while promoting pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly environments.

The visual character of the building consists of corrugated metal panels with accented areas of brick and stucco to break up the mass. The building offers a unique combination of three floors with a stylish open rooftop terrace and garden for living extension. The first floor is retail space focused on health and fitness. The second and third floors are small apartment units with private bathrooms and shared common spaces. Residential and rooftop levels are accessed by the exterior elevator or open staircase.

The project further integrates a two-level restaurant to be occupied by locally acclaimed restaurant “The Waffle Experience.” The restaurant and kitchen are on the first floor with interior elevator and staircase access to the full-service coffee and tea bars on the second floor. The dining area extends to the exterior with a large open patio at the front and smaller covered patios with folding glass walls. The operable glass walls will transform and create multiple experiences year-round. Corrugated metal panels and bricks are carried over to maintain a visual relationship between the two buildings. The simple metal shed-style roof emphasizes a clean, contemporary, and minimalistic appearance.

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