St. Luke’s Falcon Building Tenant Improvements

Boise, Idaho

St. Luke’s sought to co-locate executive offices, the marketing department and legal and compliance departments into one building to enhance business operations and internal communication.  They chose to renovate the three-story Falcon Administration Building which had previously been built as a core and shell project.

Goals for the 37,650 sf tenant improvement included contemporary colors, finishes and furniture, corporate branding, and high functionality based on program adjacencies and effective space planning.  At the same time, each floor has its own finished style representative of its purpose.  Every workstation, whether private office or open work cubicle, is equipped with sit-to-stand desks and state-of-the art seating and desk components.

Third floor corporate space includes the Health Systems executive offices.  The space serves multiple executives from around the region and houses permanent offices of the local executives and administrative staff.  The floor represents the St. Luke’s colors through the use of blues and whites, while incorporating lime green in a contemporary manner.  It is a mix of private and open office configurations.  There are multiple conference room types including a ‘living room’ and an executive boardroom.  The third floor also includes showers that can be used by any employee within the building.

The second floor is home to the Legal and Compliance Department and is primarily private offices due to the confidential nature of the business.  There are large filing and support spaces along with break out areas for collaboration across the legal disciplines.  The décor is more reserved and represents a more corporate feel to better represent the user group.

The first level includes an employee sitting area that overlooks the Boise River Greenbelt, common building conference rooms and a break area for employees.  The marketing department occupies a portion of the first floor.  This area is a dynamic, collaborative space that combines multiple marketing groups into one area.  There are no private offices; the entire work space is open work stations set in a space with bright colors, graphics, and open-to-structure ceiling.  There is a multi-functional war room for creative staff to collaborate and small phone booths for staff to have private conversations if warranted.

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