Lamb Weston

Eagle, Idaho

Lamb Weston, an Idaho-based agribusiness, wanted a fresh, updated look for their new global headquarters in Eagle, Idaho.  CSHQA provided interior design for tenant improvements for 32,000 sf and two stories of office space.  Spaces include 120+ workstations, 30+ offices and numerous conference and meeting / collaborating spaces.

Lamb Weston had outgrown their space and was looking for an updated and modern design in a space that would promote collaboration.  The open space plan also includes private offices, conference rooms, privacy spaces and collaboration spaces.  The key is balance providing user friendly working spaces that span the needs of a business day.

Early use of Virtual Reality enabled the client to visualize and understand the project as design choices were made for each type of space and their relationships.  Using VR clients are able to make better informed decisions more quickly.

A uniquely designed workplace, with wall décor by another firm, creates enjoyment for the public as well as staff.  The design incorporates a vibrant design palette with colors associated with the Lamb Weston brand.  These are contrasted with subtle materials and patterns.  The rich colors invigorate the space with a sense of urgency and playfulness.  The space ventures from the typical and offers new experiences throughout the progression of the spaces.

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