Whole Foods Market – River Park Place – Remodel & Coffee Bar

Boise, Idaho

CSHQA has worked with Whole Foods since 2007 on projects throughout the West Coast, including the original design of the Boise, Idaho location. In 2019 we were hired to complete a design and relocation of the coffee bar, as well as additional remodels and relocations throughout the store.

The store’s original layout placed the coffee bar, deli, prepared foods, and bakery in close proximity to each other. Although convenient for customer access, this highly trafficked area was consistently congested, so Whole Foods decided to move the coffee bar to the opposite side of the store to create a more inviting and open space. We collaborated with the client on the design, color palette, and décor refresh of the relocated coffee bar. Additionally, the floral department was relocated, the wine department was updated, and several refrigerated cases were relocated and/or updated from open cases to reach-in doors to give the entire store a more refreshed feel, while still highlighting the touchstone elements of the store’s design that make it unique.

To keep the store fully functional, the existing coffee bar was left open until the new one was completed. The finished remodel succeeded in the goal of creating a better flow throughout the store where customers can move more freely with less congestion.

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