Steve C. Guerber Community Park

Eagle, Idaho

This 15-acre city park, built on a former gravel pit, was designed and built in several phases. CSHQA teamed with Robert W. Droll, ASLA, on the master plan, which was completed in 2003. The city asked CSHQA to expand its contract and complete the first of four phases of the park’s construction documents to establish base field conditions.

The first phase involved approximately 10 acres of the overall 15 acres and included three ball fields, perimeter trail and landscaping, picnic areas and basketball areas, and a temporary parking lot.

Subsequent phases included several freestanding shelters, a hillside amphitheater, playgrounds with water features, support facilities, nature trails, rest rooms, picnic shelters, and overall site landscaping.

Utilizing aspects such as rough-sawn timber, quarried rock and galvanized (tin-type) roofing, the buildings portray a regional style of architecture common in the early 1900s. Other than architectural lighting to support evening events, there are no utilities supporting these shelters, and this simple construction reduces maintenance needs for the city.

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