Tamarack Resort Discovery Square

Donnelly, Idaho

Tamarack Resort was the first year round mountain resort to open in the US in 22 years.  It is located 90 miles north of Boise between Donnelly and McCall, Idaho.  The owners wanted to create a unique, first class resort, appealing to all age groups and providing an unforgettable destination experience.

Discovery Square opened on schedule December 15, 2004 to support alpine skiing operations at the resort and has remained the center of activities at Tamarack to date. Sprung Instant Structures were relied upon to provide base facilities.  The six domed structures, totaling over 45,000 sf, were utilized for speed of construction while providing exceptional quality and maximum flexibility for future growth.

Site Planning Notes
As a Tamarack Partner, CSHQA provided site planning services for the layout of the Discovery Square parking lot, walkways, and dome structures.  We integrated the new construction elements into the hillside to retain as many large healthy trees as possible.  The site layout allowed for the maximum number of skiers to end their runs immediately adjacent to outdoor seating areas and skier services but still respected existing drainage ways and summer wetlands.  Our layout allowed for snow removal and services to the structures.  Included in our services were architectural, interior design, civil, mechanical, electrical, and telecommunications engineering for the structures.  Different buildings in the Discovery Square include a recreation center, children’s center, cafeteria, Seven Devil’s Pub, Crane Creek Market, and resort operations.


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