Mulvaney Medical Office Building

Boise, Idaho

The developer of this 70,000 sf medical office building wanted a sustainable building with year-round low energy use and water use and challenged CSHQA to provide a LEED building. Mulvaney is the first medical office building in Idaho to be certified LEED® Gold.

Natural light and a natural environment were both high priorities for the developer and Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center.  The solution is a ribbon window system around most of the perimeter of the building with orientation to admit daylight and an exterior metal solar screening system where needed to reduce glare.  The third floor benefits from numerous skylights.  A second floor outdoor healing garden is located above the main entry.  Patients and their supporting family and friends can stroll on a paver pathway and enjoy a small natural area.

The building enhances the identity of the campus with textures, colors, and materials, including a curtain wall system that incorporates colored precast concrete and metal panels that complement the main hospital building.  Two vision glazing colors were selected, with rose colored glass serving as a building accent color.  The exterior aluminum solar shading elements create interest and shadow on the building façade.

The Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical center in Boise is a leader in health care for the Northwest emphasizing in patient-centered, innovative care.  CSHQA has played a significant role in Saint Al’s expansion and renovation over the last several years, and the Mulvaney Medical Office Building is one of our premier projects on the campus.  The hospital recognized the need for a medical office building and identified a site west of the primary hospital building, then partnered with a private developer for the construction of the MOB.


Idaho Business Review (IBR)
Top Projects, Private #13

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