Coyne’s Restaurant & Bar

Eagle, Idaho

It’s not often that a client knows exactly what type of architectural style they want to see for a new building, but the owner of Coyne’s restaurant knew he wanted a concept modeled after famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, because he lives in a home designed by one of Wright’s apprentices. He wanted to create an elevated, stylish, modern dining experience.

To achieve this goal, CSHQA designed the building exterior with natural materials, warm earth tones, and wood-tone soffits. The exterior is comprised of multiple flat roof planes with large overhangs, creating areas for clerestory windows and light shelves to allow natural light to filter into the main dining area and frame the exterior views. The team worked closely with the structural engineers to create a system that would support the corner storefront windows and keep the clerestory windows, all while staying within budget.

The large, stacked stone walls and scored “block-like” stucco extend to the entry vestibule. The dark gray scored stucco resembles a modular block pattern that is repeated along the exterior. Large glulam wood beams and a black iron wide flange beam structure support the covered patio that is flanked by natural stacked stone walls and an integrated oversized fireplace. The patio is positioned with a cinema-style view of a nearby pond and fountain.

Inside the restaurant, wood walls with black metal detailing and glass delineate seating areas, providing some privacy without obstructing views. The large concrete bar countertop is complemented by the wood back bar with Wright-influenced detailing.

CSHQA also worked with the head chef and design team to create a scalable, efficient kitchen space with multiple entry points into the back of house, which allows more server stations.

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