California State Capitol East Annex Study

Sacramento, California

In 2016 the Legislature passed SB 836 which was signed into law. SB 836 provides funding to address deficiencies in the State Capitol Annex, which is home to both the Legislative Branch of the California Government and the Governor’s and Lieutenant Governor’s offices. This study ensued from the passing of SB 836 and serves as a reference document of the current deficiencies, as well as provides design goals for a new Capitol Annex. The project goal was to evaluate if the Capitol Annex can be appropriately modified to house the desired uses within the building, if it should be removed and replaced, or if it is possible to expand the existing footprint of the building. At its conclusion, the project will shape the future of the Legislative Branch for the next 50 to 100 years, provide the public with a safe, inviting building to participate in the governmental process, and provide the state with one of the most energy-efficient state capitol buildings in the United States.

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