CSHQA Past to Future – Part 2: Present

Jan 2, 2020

Today our firm focuses on both public and private market sectors for retail, hospitality, office, education, aviation, healthcare, multi-family, mixed-use, and civic clients. While we save hand drawings for early sketches, we still take great pride in the quality of the drawings and renderings presented to our clients. We’ve seen our firm grow into three offices, Boise, Denver and Sacramento, and we provide services on all 50 states. Each office prides itself on a slightly different culture, but all take pride in our foundation of Creativity, Knowledge, Collaboration, Innovation and Excellence.

Technology and new design methodologies have prompted major strides in projects and delivery. The process has shifted from CAD to BIM (Building Information Modeling) and now progresses into VR (Virtual Reality) to create drawings and imagery.

This shift in technology also allows us to conduct meetings with clients in different locations and provide clear insight into the design process.  All stakeholders can see ongoing updates through construction documentation. VR helps clients understand what their project will look like, manage expectations, and ultimately reduce changes during construction.

The Chobani Innovation and Community Center, is a 85,000-sf office, research, and amenities building constructed adjacent to North America’s largest yogurt factory.  Built for ALL employees the Center provides meeting and dining spaces, exercise facilities, a mother’s room, smaller gathering spaces, offices and a 14,000-sf research and lab space with full test kitchen. During construction our client was able to view the final design model on a smart phone, stand and turn in any direction within the partially constructed building, and ‘see’ what the space was going to look like. Early views such as this did lead to some client-directed changes, yet both client and designer were on the same page and understood what and how any changes would be made.

Chobani Innovation and Community Center

The Idaho Humane Society Animal Welfare Campus is a 42,000-sf shelter with veterinary center, teaching hospital and education center.  Design includes state-of-the-art engineering and design for safer, cleaner and less stressful environments for both pets and people.After multiple design revisions, VR modeling helped capture the ‘feel’ of the new animal shelter for the Idaho Humane Society Animal Welfare Campus and the design was soon finalized.

Idaho Humane Society Animal Welfare Campus

Technology is only as good as the people that are using it! We made a major transition in our company to become 100% Employee-Owned. This transition is something that will benefit all CSHQA owners from today forward. As the company continues to grow each owner takes responsibility for our success. We look to the future with possibilities in growth, ownership and designing some great projects.

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