Steve’s Hometown Chevrolet

Fruitland, ID
Photo Credit: © Marc Walters Photography

The owner of Steve’s Hometown Chevrolet partnered with CSHQA to relocate this dealership from its existing 1970s location in Payette, ID to its new home in Fruitland. The new dealership—a design-build project that is composed entirely of pre-engineered metal—is in a higher-traffic area with a larger population and aimed to create a better customer experience for visitors, inside and out, while still adhering to Chrysler’s national standards.

Landscaping was designed to utilize sloping and special angles at the corners of the sight to raise and display the vehicles in a more visually-appealing way and to have the opportunity to highlight specific vehicles that may be part of promotions or other campaigns. The lighting installations accentuate these display vehicles as well.

Inside, the focus was on creating a customer-centric experience through features like additional refreshments, comfortable seating, and a fireplace. The bright and open showroom, in-line with the landscaping, emphasizes the vehicles while creating an inviting space to view them.

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