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Krystal Mullins

Content Coordinator

Krystal says at her core, she’s always been a story teller.

While growing up, Krystal was constantly inspired by the amazing worlds and characters she read about in books and saw on TV; she says this love of stories drove her to become a part of the journalism program in college. She also enjoys solving puzzles and searching for solutions to any problem she comes across. Joining the broadcast department allowed her to utilize both skillsets while challenging her to think on her toes — figuring out the best way to tell the story. During her time in college, Krystal gained experience working with video and took her story-telling abilities to the next level by finding new strategies to incorporate information in an engaging and comprehensive way.

Krystal previously worked as a multi-platform producer for a Boise-based broadcast news agency, which gave her experience working under deadlines and conveying information in a thorough and efficient manner. She’s now using that knowledge to expand CSHQA’s reach and highlight the exceptional talent working at the firm.

She helps with copyediting and graphic design needs and will focus on building a more robust web and video presence for CSHQA. She takes pride in doing her job well and likes to help where she can along the way. Krystal loves collaborating with the other talented people at CSHQA and highlighting their individual strengths.

While attending the University of Idaho, Krystal was very active in the music department; she was a part of the Vandal marching band and the university jazz choir for many years, which eventually resulted in a minor in music. While she isn’t as active in music as she once was, Krystal says you can still catch her at concert venues and the occasional karaoke bar. She is also a huge animal lover and enjoys meeting people’s pets! At the moment, she has two cats — Wynri and Zuko, but hopes to one day expand her pet family and have a host of animals at her house.

BS Broadcasting and Digital Media, minor in Applied Music, University of Idaho, Moscow

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