Our 5 Favorite Historic Preservation Projects

May 29, 2020

Each May, organizations across the country celebrate National Preservation Month to honor historic places and highlight the benefits of historic preservation. Our nation’s rich heritage lies in the stories of these fascinating structures. Protecting them and restoring them to their former glory is something CSHQA is proud to be a part of. In celebration this year, we would like to share with you our top 5 historic preservation projects.

1. Idaho State Capitol Historic Preservation, Restoration, and Rehabilitation

This multi-award-winning project is the single largest historical renovation/addition in Idaho and one we’re particularly proud of. Almost 60,000 CSHQA team hours have been dedicated to reviving the Capitol’s splendor – and what a magnificent building she is! From the marble detailing to the plaster barrel vaulted ceiling to major fire and life safety upgrades, this challenging historical project has found an important place in CSHQA history as well.

Read more about the Idaho Capitol here

Idaho State Capitol before and after images of CSHQA historic preservation work on the House Chambers.

 2. Wyoming State Capitol Restoration

This National Historic Landmark is a real beauty! The CSHQA design team worked closely with the Architect of Record and the Contractor on the complete restoration of the building, returning the historic decorative elements and grandeur of this architectural treasure while maintaining its historic character and integrity. Work included the reorganization of spaces to provide more efficient office space, the introduction of public hearing rooms and private meeting spaces, providing accessible accommodations and critical life-safely upgrades, the restoration of interior and exterior historic finishes, and the replacement of antiquated building systems.

Read more about the Wyoming Capitol here

Before and After images of CSHQA's historic preservation work on the Wyoming Capitol Governor's Office

3. University of Idaho Administration Building Renovation

CSHQA’s work on the interior three-story entry foyer and main stairs, as well as the restoration of the exterior north entry stairs and mosaic and south-west brick and sandstone facade is award-winning. Recognized by the Idaho Historic Preservation Council for Excellence in Historic Preservation, and earning an Orchid Award from the Moscow Historic Preservation Commission, the project included life safety improvements, steam pipe and radiator upgrades, new light fixtures, and careful restoration of historic finishes. You might even recognize the Administration Lobby platform as the backdrop President Scott Green uses to deliver important messages to the public and the State of Idaho!

Read more about the UI Admin Building Renovation here

Before and after images of CSHQA's historic preservation work on the University of Idaho Administration Building's foyer and stairs.

4. Mountain Cove Building 33 Historic Renovation

Built in 1908 as an army hospital, this local landmark and an important part of Idaho’s rich history is on the National Register of Historic Places. Numerous occupants and several renovations over time contributed to severe deterioration of this once-lively structure. The CSHQA team worked closely with the State Historic Preservation Office and was able to restore historic elements as well as convert the building to an office building with modern facilities. This project also earned an Orchid Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation from the Idaho Historic Preservation Council.

Read more about Boise VA Medical Center Building 33 here

Before and after images of CSHQA's historic preservation work on Boise Veterans VA Medical Center Mountain Cove Building 33 Historic Renovation

5. First National Bank of Driggs Historical Facade Renovation

Beginning as a safety issue, this project to restore a grand old building back to its original character also makes our list. The Key Bank building underwent a major facelift and safety upgrades and has taken its place as a cornerstone of the downtown and of the community. Work included removal of the metal and wood siding on the South and West facades, and repair and restore the 94-year old street facades in order to re-establish the original character of the building. This project was also recognized by Preservation Idaho for an Orchid Award.

Read more about the First National Bank building here

Before and after photos of CSHQA's historic preservation work on Keybank First National Bank of Driggs



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