November 15, 2018

CSHQA Elects New President and Board of Directors

CSHQA became 100% employee-owned July 2018. In parallel we have been preparing and initiating transitions in leadership within CSHQA. This week the next generation of CSHQA was elected. CSHQA Trustees are Kent Hanway, John Maulin and Dale Stevens (Break-Thru Benefits). CSHQA Officers are Martin Hahle, President, Jim Otradosky, Chair of the Board, John Maulin, Executive Vice President and Michele Otazua, Corporate Secretary.  We anticipate a smooth transition in the presidents’ role with Past President Kent Hanway actively supporting Martin.  CSHQA’s Board of Directors includes both past and new directors: Jim Otradosky, Mark Gier, Amy Dockter, Craig Slocum, Steve Wakeman, Jim Marsh, Ted Isbell, Danielle Weaver and Nicole Cecil.

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