Black Box-VR Tenant Improvement

San Francisco, California

An environmental design approach melded materials, lighting, wayfinding and a deep understanding of brand and design to create the Black Box experience.

Black Box-VR is a new fitness concept where a guest exercises in Virtual Reality while doing resistance training.  Data from guest sessions is saved and subsequent workouts demand increased effort, becoming like a personal competition.  This new concept for working out required a unique design – and a unique process.  Following Sketch Up and Revit modeling, Black Box-VR was shared with the client and reviewed entirely on an interactive VR platform.  CSHQA’s platform is powered by an Alienware computer and Oculus Rift head and hand set.  From concept to permit set, and with 7-10 client visits, the entire project was completed in five weeks.  In addition, the client’s criteria of 14 workout spaces plus amenities spaces was met by our design.

The guest experience is key to this new environment, as the workout is an individual activity without much human interaction. Thus, the entry reception area provides the community space for gathering, talking and spectating.

The guest experience is modeled on the athletic experience on gameday! The social interaction before entering the stadium, the focused tunnel experience that athletes want to experience, and finally arriving at the platform (Black Box). The intent is to influence and prepare each guest so that their mind will enhance their athletic performance. The entry and social spaces are followed by more monotone surroundings with vivid pops of color. This allows the mind to focus and drown out exterior influences as guests engage in achieving their best.

Lighting design and materiality are both durable, yet high end to provide a cross over between a spa feel and a gym. Touches of natural materials and colors are specifically placed to provide warmth in strategic areas, drawing the guest in and creating a transitional space between workout and entry.

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