Tracie Boyer, an AIT III initially started college as a Pre-med student. It wasn’t long until she realized that being a doctor wasn’t for her.  She remembered sketching her dream house as a kid and decided to pursue architecture instead.  After her first drafting class she knew that the drawing, design and architecture process was her passion. She now lives in a “reigned-in” version of that same dream house.

Tracie first learned AutoCAD 30 years ago, when a boot disk was required and learned 3D Studio when it first came out in the 80’s.  She has continued to work in CAD throughout the years and really enjoys 3D Modeling. Tracy prefers to stay busy and focused as she works and is driven by the feeling of accomplishment and pride in her work at the end of the day.  She enjoys being able to work on a project, observe the construction process and experience the final built creation.

Tracie has worked on apartments, commercial buildings, churches, and more than 50 residences.  She worked on the Aspen in downtown Boise and also measured and drew the entire Hoff Building – from the top of the roof to behind the boiler in the basement and through Butch Otter’s office in between.

Tracie has volunteered with the Girl Scouts of America for the past 13 years. She enjoys annual tent camping trips to Yellowstone with her children in the summer. She also loves whitewater rafting with her husband and three kids; regularly rafting the Middle Fork, Main section, and Lower Salmon River.  She also has rafted the Grand Canyon – over 220 miles in 21 days!

Tracie Boyer


BArch, University of Idaho, 2003