Tabitha Fugett is an AIT Intern / Interior Design Intern in CSHQA’s West Sacramento office.  She provides general architectural and interior design support on projects while benefiting from the mentorship of an experienced design team. She is adept with AutoCAD and SketchUp and will continue to develop additional skills while at CSHQA.

Tabitha has loved design since she was little. She used to walk through homes with her Mom while they were being built, and imagine what they might look like. She was always drawing floor plans of her home and trying to make improvements. Participation in an excellent architecture program in high school, reinforced her decision to pursue design.

She loves working in teams, meeting knew people, and making friends. Tabitha dreams of traveling the world one day, and building schools and orphanages in third world countries.  She hopes to make an impact on people’s lives with her career and worked extensively on a preliminary design/vision for Sacramento’s new LGBT center. It’s a project that will impact people’s lives and was very rewarding.

Tabitha loves Disney! She was brainwashed as a child by all the princess movies and is hooked for life. Her favorite Disney movie is the Lion King. She also loves to sing. If being a designer didn’t work out, singing would be her next career choice.

Tabitha Fugett

AIT Intern / Interior Design Intern

Interior Architecture, California State University, Sacramento, Fall 2018