Sara Ferrell, Architect, really enjoys the puzzle that is architecture. Her co-workers bring different backgrounds and skills to the table when they start a project, and Sara likes to see how those various ideas create a cohesive design.

Sara began training as an architect at a very young age: She used to draw up floor plans for her dog’s house. A natural explorer, she has used her love of the fun and exciting in her designs since she graduated with her master’s degree from the University of Idaho in 2007.

Sara’s sense of adventure leads her to explore new cities, the outdoors, and even under water — she’s a scuba diver.

Licensing and Certification
Licensed Architect: CO, ID
LEED Green Associate (LEED GA)

US Green Building Council Colorado (USGBC)
Urban Land Institute (Associate) (ULI)

Sara M. Ferrell, LEED Green Associate


MArch, University of Idaho, Idaho Urban Research and Design Center, 2007
BS Architecture,University of Idaho, 2006