Ryan Vanacore, an EIT Intern in CSHQA’s Boise office is continually learning and gaining knowledge as he assists the team. He has always thought of questions that needed answering so becoming an engineer was an obvious choice for Ryan. “I am fascinated by technology along with its swift impact and change it has on everyone’s life. I want to be a part of the positive change in the world and for me technology is that doorway.”

The most important thing when working to Ryan is to allow time for learning, creating, and innovating. He loves jumping into something new so he can challenge himself because he feels there is nothing better than getting that aha moment when you put in the time. Ryan is most proud of his project implementing robotics in the classroom to help aid students with learning disabilities. This was a special project because it was originally out of his area of expertise but, Ryan came to love and learn as the project went along. This was the first major project he designed and completed mostly on his own.

Ryan loves to play board games with family specifically Settlers of Catan, camping, fishing, and playing video games when he has time. Cooking and eating are a source of happiness for him and he enjoys exploring new types of cuisine especially Asian. A big part of his free time includes listening to podcasts and going on walks.

Ryan Vanacore

EIT Intern

Pursuing BS Electrical Engineering, Boise State University