Regan Campbell


Regan Campbell’s grandmother dreamt of being an architect, but for her it was never a possibility. Over the years, she shared her passion for design with Regan and encouraged her to take advantage of the opportunities she herself was denied. Now an AIT at CSHQA, Regan provides her team members support with design corrections, 3D modeling, and general drafting. “I specialize in interpersonal communications for now, but my career is just getting started.”

Regan is a strong advocate for great design that is accessible to all and feels equity in design goes hand in hand with flexible and resilient design. Throughout her life she found herself in a variety of settings, including being wheelchair bound for a time. Navigating the built world while being temporarily impaired in such an extreme way forever changed the way she sees the world around her. “Whether physical accessibility, mental wellness, or fiscal challenges, every person deserves a life shaped by great design.”

Projects prior to joining CSHQA include the SHE Center designed in collaboration with the nonprofit Style Her Empowered. She traveled to Togo, West Africa to design a sustainable boarding school for young girls in in rural communities. She earned an AIA Honor Award for this project along with her Partner Tyler Schram. Regan is also immensely proud of her thesis project in which she explored the newer philosophy OOO (Object Oriented Ontology) which she used as the design parameters for an adaptive reuse of a big box store complex in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Research included in-depth analysis of urban decay focused around big box stores, OOO and its possible applications in design and architecture, and the development of an aquaponic growing center as an alternative use for the lost space of parking lots in areas of urban decay. She received the King Medal for her research on this project.

Regan has two dogs she loves very much. She is passionate about travel and has a goal to visit every continent by the time she retires (including Antarctica). She uses crochet to unwind in the evenings and is currently learning to knit as well.

MArch, University of Idaho
BS, Architecture, University of Idaho

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