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Patrick Pineda


Patrick Pineda, AIT II, has always been curious about how things are built and how different components can work together to create the complex structures we inhabit daily. In his youth, he built many tree houses and skateboard ramps with whatever materials he could get his hands on. Growing up in rural Nebraska also provided numerous experiences in construction, from building grain bins, barns, and lean-to structures to roofing, pouring foundations, and even designing/constructing a kitchen renovation for his childhood home. “I believe it was a combination of my curiosity and the desire to learn more practical design knowledge that led me to the field of architecture.”

His areas of specialization include rendering software, specifically Lumion, with experience in Blender, Twinmotion and experimental work in Unreal Engine 5. He also specializes in 3D printing, an interest correlating with his minor in Product Design, clocking hundreds of hours of making through various media!

Patrick feels the most exciting aspect of architecture is how the industry continuously becomes more intertwined with emerging technology. The profession provides unique avenues for architects and designers to continue learning throughout their careers. “I am excited to become a more proficient designer by embracing new workflows such as computer software, drone technology, and artificial intelligence computation that have become essential to the design process.”

Patrick believes in making as many memories as possible, exploring and enjoying new adventures with good friends. His favorite activities lead him outdoors into the mountains, allowing him to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life. He enjoys snowboarding, camping, hiking, and driving off-road trails with good company.

MArch, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
BS Design, Product Design minor, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

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