Pamela Giguiento


Pamela “Cooki” Giguiento’s father was an architect, so at an early age she loved the thought of creating a space that someone could experience. It all started in her childhood when playing the Sims 3 she found herself enjoying building their homes over playing the actual game, then into her teenage years when all she watched was HGTV. When college rolled around, it seemed to be the natural course of action to apply for Architecture.

Recently, Pamela completed her senior year studio final the Esse Botanical Community Center. She loved working on the design; endeavoring to ensure it was a place that everyone in the Highland neighborhood would find easy to visit but hard to leave! Now an AIT I in CSHQA’s Denver office she develops drawings, models, and 3D renderings based upon design discussions. She also prepares working plans and creates construction documents in coordination with her teammates.

Outside of work, Pamela loves volunteering for mission trips with friends, traveling around the world, learning new cultures, and eating weird food. An introvert at heart, she could spend an entire day illustrating, playing video games, or reading comics bundled up with some hot cocoa.

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