Kushalta Paudel, an EIT Intern in CSHQA’s Boise office is accruing new experiences and knowledge in her field as she assists the team. “I hope to understand my education’s connection to the workforce and boost my overall professional relationships and leadership ability. I want to be part of the team that is working on modern developments in the field.” From Nepal, a developing country where everybody must face load-shedding annually, Kushalta wants to help create change with her growing knowledge of power systems, aiding Nepal to break out of older generations of technology.

As a research assistant Kushalta conducted experiments to characterize the electrical behavior of dielectric samples sent from Idaho National Laboratory. She also worked as a lab TA directing students to program microprocessors using programming languages. In her microprocessor class, she took part in the “Robotic Arm design” project where she and her lab partner developed code to command a small robotic arm. It was interesting to apply concepts taught and see the outcomes practically instead of just understanding the theory through lectures. She is currently creating a website for the Nepali news written in Nepali language for Nepalese people. This is her first attempt at website building and will be a good introduction into the field.

Kushalta can speak three different languages. In her free time, she loves dancing and singing in Nepali language. Biking sometimes makes her happy but talking with the people she loves every day makes her happiest. This may sound simple but since she started college and building her future away from family it has become extremely important.

Kushalta Paudel

EIT Intern

Pursuing BS, Electrical Engineering, minor Applied Mathematics, Boise State University