Kelli Maroney, an AIT Intern in CSHQA’s Denver office helps to create construction drawings, build models, organize project sheets and assists wherever needed. Ever since she was a child, she loved architecture and knew she wanted to pursue it as a career. She began as most do, designing buildings through drawings and Legos. She reveled in architectural magazines and wormed her way into high school electives, grabbing at any chance to learn more and work into the field. She is currently pursuing her five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree.

In Architecture, Kelli has found strength in her perfectionism and energy. This field gives her the chance to truly explore her creativity and challenges her capability to solve problems in new and interesting ways. She is excited by the possibilities of architecture and what she can bring to the field. “The belief that I can help form the world we live in inspires me to work hard every day. To me, it is important to remember that what we design is the place that people will have to live within and around. This makes architecture carry responsibility as well as an amazing opportunity. That opportunity drives me.”

She is very excited to be working on the Merit Park Project in Detroit, MI. It is teaching her not only about the technical aspects of building design, but also about the premise of the building’s creation. The use of shipping containers is a relatively new form of architectural design. The possibilities are endless, and she finds it educational and inspirational to work on a project that uses this new method of construction.

Kelli loves to create with her own two hands, be it through sewing, sketching, knitting, or anything crafty. From quilts to paintings, these projects become another outlet for her creativity that she can put her whole heart into. She especially loves when she can do this with others. For many summers, she has completed sewing projects with her grandmother and cousin, making happy memories and beautiful creations!

Kelli Maroney

AIT Intern

Pursuing BArch, minor in Architecture Engineering, California Polytechnic State University