Kelcie Moseley-Morris, a Proposal Coordinator in CSHQA’s Boise office is responsible for responding to Requests for Proposal and other marketing efforts for the firm. When a business or agency requires services that CSHQA provides, it is her job to make sure to convey exactly how we can help accomplish their goals. Kelcie was inspired to pursue journalism because she always had an interest in her community and the stories that people had to tell. She found a similar passion in proposal writing, telling the stories of dedicated individuals coming together to complete meaningful projects for various companies and organizations in need of new technology, buildings or updates to existing structures, or renewable and sustainable solutions. “I pursued my master’s degree in Public Administration because I was passionate about public service and the efficiency of government. That’s why CSHQA is a great place for me as a company deeply rooted in the Treasure Valley community that completes so many meaningful public projects.”

As simple as it sounds, clear communication is what fires Kelcie up and is most important to her. It can be difficult to condense complex, technical information into concepts that are understandable to the average person, and she enjoys that challenge.  She takes pride in her ability to effectively communicate technical ideas without oversimplifying them.

One of the proposal efforts she is most proud to have been part of was for the U.S. Agency for International Development, under the large Power Africa contract. The multi-billion dollar project sought to bring electricity to more areas of Africa through partnerships in the private sector and government, as more than two-thirds of the population of sub-Saharan Africa is without electricity, and more than 85 percent of those living in rural areas lack access to electricity. She was able to visit Washington, D.C., to work on the proposal with a business partner. They won a portion of the contract, and it was rewarding to know she had been part of such meaningful work.

In Kelcie’s spare time she enjoys volunteering for various organizations, including the International Rescue Committee, American Red Cross, and most recently for Meridian Canine Rescue. She also enjoys fostering dogs who are waiting for their forever homes.

Kelcie Moseley-Morris

Proposal Coordinator

Master Public Administration, Boise State University, 2018
BS Journalism/Mass Media, Minor in International Politics, University of Idaho, 2011