Justin Schuessler, an Electrical Engineering Intern in CSHQA’s Boise office assists the team with the drawing of electrical documents for projects, contributing to accurate plans for electrical installation. Prior to joining CSHQA he gained industry experience in the power sector at Idaho Power. He always wanted to understand the fundamentals of electricity and how it all worked. “Essentially, I wanted to know the answer to ‘Why is it that my phone starts charging when I plug this cord into the wall?’” He enjoys working on projects in big public spaces, contributing to large areas and places with the potential to benefit the most amount of people like the Boise Airport.

Outside of work Justin loves being outdoors – fishing, mountain biking, backpacking, etc. and enjoys traveling and exploring new places in the world.

Justin Schuessler

Electrical Engineering Intern

Pursuing BS in Electrical Engineering, Boise State University