John Gragg was a radar technician in the Marines, so when the time came to re-enter civilian life he chose to build upon his lifelong curiosity about power and electricity.

As a Senior Engineering Designer specializing in electrical work, he designs the systems that will be the foundation upon which an electrical engineer will finalize the design. John’s goal with each project is to keep disruptions to a minimum by creating a good product, reducing the need for extra questions from builders, and limiting cost changes.

Despite his love of electricity, John spends a lot of time in pursuits that don’t require technology: Hunting, fishing, trapping, gardening from foraged seeds, sewing, woodworking — even book binding and making his own paper and inks.

John Gragg

Senior Electrical Engineering Designer

AS Mathmatics, Boise State University, 2013
Electrical Engineering, Boise State University, Attended