David Bastow, Mechanical Engineering Manager has always liked mechanical equipment, physical science and the science miracle of thermodynamic principles. He enjoys utilizing his creativity and making project improvements. He said, “I am excited about investigating and improving the operation of equipment to make it more reliable, smooth operating, and energy efficient thus improving the operating bottom line, reducing energy usage and waste discharge to our environment.”

David brings more than 37 years of design engineering and field experience in refrigeration, HVAC, controls, electrical, plumbing, computerized hourly energy modeling and energy audits to the firm.  He has worked on a variety of projects including the refrigeration/mechanical design of over 450 grocery stores, numerous industrial ammonia refrigeration projects, and has completed over 100 larger commercial/industrial facility energy modeling/evaluation projects. His areas of expertise include:

  • Refrigeration – Freon – Ammonia – Secondary Fluid (Brine) – Industrial Plant Ammonia – Screw Machines – Parallel Compressor Racks – Food Service;
  • HVAC – All Designs & Styles;
  • Chillers – Water/Glycol – Load Shifting Ice Makers – Falling Film – Heat Pumps;
  • Boilers – Hot Water – Steam Coil & Piping – Control Valves;
  • Controls – Refrigeration Rack Controls – Energy Management Controls – DDC & DDC/Pneumatic Controls – VAV;
  • Energy Modeling/Evaluation/Energy Audit – Hourly Computerized Building Energy Use Modeling – Difficult to Model facilities (product refrigeration, solar, hot & cold water storage tanks & ice bank storage tanks, evaporative cooling, VAV, dual duct, heat reclaim, dairy milk cooling, air-to-air heat exchanger, water loop & geothermal heat pump, pool heat transfer/heat recovery);
  • Electrical – Breaker, Starter, Contactor, Disconnect, Wire & Conduit Sizing – Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).

David recently completed an industrial ammonia refrigeration redesign for McCain Foods’ Plant No. 1, successfully saving the plant nearly 6,500,000 KWH a year and providing the owner with just under $1,200,000 of Idaho Power Co. incentive credits. This intense project additionally involved structural and electrical, and required the plant to continue operating with normal production around the clock, during construction.

David loves outdoor activities (hunting, fishing, skiing), as well as, basketball, dogs and gardening.  He has been a Boy Scout Leader for nearly all his adult life and has assisted many young men in obtaining their Eagle Scout Award.

David Bastow

Mechanical Engineering Manager

Associates, Liberal Arts/Mechanical Engineering, College of Southern Idaho, 2001
Graduate, Refrigeration Service Engineers Society - Terms 1-3 (Refrigeration & HVAC), 1988