Ciarra Dye

AIT Intern

As an AIT Intern in CSHQA’s Boise office, Ciarra Dye is continually learning and growing as she assists the team on a variety of projects. Viewing a multitude of different buildings and spaces within the cities she traveled inspired her to become an architect. “Seeing the creative and awe-inspiring design of buildings inspired me to want to create my own buildings and ultimately witness other enjoying those spaces.”

Ciarra dislikes chaos and loves to keep everything organized! She feels communication and teamwork are crucial to a successful project. The ability to interact with others helps keep projects on track and completed correctly and efficiently.

Outside of work Ciarra loves to read fantasy and sci-fi books and being with her dog makes her happy. Family and schooling are very important to her, and she is a huge anime fan!

BS, Architecture, University of Idaho (pursuing)

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