Adan Ramos is an Architect-in-Training Intern in CSHQA’s Denver office. He assists others with current projects utilizing AutoCAD, SketchUp and Revit. He enjoys SketchUp most because of the profound simplicity in the conceptual stages of design, transforming even errors, into unique designs.

Sand castles, a childhood memory on the beach, filled with the sounds of ocean waves, seagulls, and sand. As a child Adan’s sand castle was just the opposite.  From the vast Western Texan Desert, his seagulls were the sound of road runners bursting through the desert.  The sounds of crashing ocean waves were replaced by a water hose sprinkling life into the dead earth. Instead of moist, crystal-like sand, his sand was dry and dusty. Despite this, he has fond memories of building sand castles. He would make them tall, short, with moats and boats – all with their own story and challenges. It is truly here that he learned to let his imagination run wild in creating and knew that he wanted to design buildings in real life!

“What empowers me most is knowing that in architecture we create experiences, we create first impressions, safety, and unique places that will harbor memories for years to come within every single wall, window and step we design”, says Adan.

Adan’s most recent project was his last undergraduate 5th Studio Project in which he proposed a community complex that encompassed a civic, pre-school and cultural heritage museum component, for the rural Native American community of Nanwalek, Alaska. It was truly unconventional architecture in the sense that the design itself was creating first time conditions for this rural community. Conditions such as the first crosswalk, while influencing future community planning in creating new pathways and character. He had to overcome non-traditional constraints like lumber supplies and no concrete use, while addressing factors like a nearby runway and being in a tsunami and earthquake zone. Overall although challenging, it was truly a rewarding experience allowing him to grow as a designer and more importantly as a person.

Adan loves being involved in leadership. He is currently serving in the Student Government Association at the University of Colorado, Denver as the Representative of the College of Architecture and Planning. He is also part of the University Honors and Leadership Program where he is pursuing a minor in Leadership Studies. In addition, he enjoys inspiring high school students to pursue college during college panels in partnership with Goodwill Denver.

AIA Colorado
Denver Scholarship Foundation
Goodwill Denver
Latin American Educational Foundation

Adan Ramos

AIT Intern

Pursuing BArch, University of Colorado, Denver, 2018