Great ideas come from many quarters. Listening and developing an atmosphere of collaboration are essential first steps in successful planning. We start with an open mind and listen closely to all stakeholders, asking many questions to understand the needs and wants of the owner and end users.

The flipside of budget and schedule is give and take. CSHQA helps clients and stakeholders prioritize project elements and desirable alternatives. Cost estimating is an integral component of each step. When clients understand the impacts of their decisions in terms of investment and time, they make sound choices based on clear information.

Full-service capabilities provide added insights. CSHQA engineers, landscape architects, and interior, environmental, and communications designers are often included in the process and relied upon for additional insights. This integrated team approach delivers a 360-degree view of a potential project.

Transparency forges a successful path. CSHQA conducts design charrettes, team planning sessions, and community meetings. Projects take shape openly and transparently through each step of discovery, programming, and planning. When stakeholders know how they got from A to B, they support final outcomes, even if they had to negotiate and compromise to get there.

CSHQA offers planning services for single and multi-building projects, campus and site master plans, and neighborhood revitalization programs. Our experience ranges from a multi-phase public safety building to a comprehensive site master plan for a new North American ski resort.

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